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  • Okay Zack, now that you're done with your pet projects, let's get back to the realness.

    Marvin MagnusMarvin Magnus23 שעות לפני
  • This looks meh

    Book EBladeBook EBlade23 שעות לפני
  • Cant wait

    Kevin ReedKevin Reed23 שעות לפני
  • First 😁

    Fahad AbidFahad Abid23 שעות לפני
  • Best ILmore channel ☺

    iamrich_ 4evaiamrich_ 4eva23 שעות לפני
  • Let's f*cking go🔥

    Popcorn BusterPopcorn Buster23 שעות לפני
  • Wooo

    Denzel MremaDenzel Mrema23 שעות לפני
  • Why do we need a 3rd kissing booth, 😭💀should of ended at the first one

    Salinda ParksSalinda Parksיום לפני
  • I absolutely cannot wait to see this!!

    keirakeiraיום לפני
  • What's the name of the background song

    Phoenix GenixPhoenix Genixיום לפני
  • This show is sexist.

    ben_jowherben_jowherיום לפני
  • When Dark was so simple

    Sil 542Sil 542יום לפני
  • "Silenzio Bruno"

    RxindeerPlayzRxindeerPlayzיום לפני
  • My man King Bach

    Adams JoshuaAdams Joshuaיום לפני
  • If you haven't seen a Jackass movie in theaters, do yourself a favor and see this one in theaters. It's a unique experience when, for two hours, an entire crowd laughs so hard their stomach hurts.

    lifexlovexlivinlifexlovexlivinיום לפני
  • Wtf.. Thanos again?!!

    Jaaphar OmaryJaaphar Omaryיום לפני
  • This is so wordy! Let’s hope some of the mystery and elegance of the book ( and Lynch’s movie) seeps through.

    Aravind AAravind Aיום לפני
  • Hellll yaaahhhhh

    Rca21 ARca21 Aיום לפני
  • Anyone know the name of the song used here ?

    1minOMG1minOMGיום לפני
  • Jennifer Hudson is gorgeous.

    christopher hennesseychristopher hennesseyיום לפני
  • Aint the same without coke and booze

    Pero PerkovičPero Perkovičיום לפני
  • Yep life’s a bitch….. but if it wasn’t you would never get stories like this , fantastic movie

    Tunez4U HickmanTunez4U Hickmanיום לפני
  • I think harley and king shark are gonna carry this whole movie

    Xavier UrquizaXavier Urquizaיום לפני
  • Aside from superhero landings and poses, this film looks great!

    Fun GuyFun Guyיום לפני
  • Pretty much just showed the whole damn movie

    SavageXzombiexSavageXzombiexיום לפני
  • That nice they showing all move i trailer now i dont need to pay _lol_

    Thomas GlapaThomas Glapaיום לפני
  • Nobody gunna talk bout the fact that u can clearly see the green screen behind them lmao

    b0beab0beaיום לפני
  • time to go watch all the seasons and movies again for a refresher roll on october :D

    Drone SceneDrone Sceneיום לפני
  • I was listening to NF while watching this and it worked perfectly

    Callum MacNairCallum MacNairיום לפני
  • It seems so ridiculous until they brought up the whole mystery of the message and the beach's cave. I'll watch it just cause im curious about why they age but the whole concept of aging so fast in a beach is honestly silly and it's probably only a curse

    Rodrigo FernándezRodrigo Fernándezיום לפני
  • All I noticed was that Bam wasn’t there, probably because of Ryan. And then the two of them were replaced by like 3 other guys who aren’t even original 😞

    Jesse BaileyJesse Baileyיום לפני
  • the elite that run this world have traced their lineage back to nimrod from the Bible they believe they are ancestors of fallen angels.human aka hybrids.

    SH EYSH EYיום לפני
  • Apple original, means it won't play on Windows? :)

    Ars KArs Kיום לפני
  • Пускай этои фильм соберет в три раза меньше чем на него потратили, не надо было замахиваться на нашего капитана и пытаться похайпится на нем

    Эльси ШамилёвЭльси Шамилёвיום לפני
  • When Steve-O took his teeth out i was taken right back to 2002.

    monkeymagic1986monkeymagic1986יום לפני
  • Why does it have to be some animated crap, wheres the good old drawn movies

    JackiJackiיום לפני
  • John Cena or Mark Wahlberg? :)

    SomebodySomebodyיום לפני
  • Me on one knee: "babe will you go see Jackass 4 with me?" Her: "I thought you'd never ask!"

    Matt HareMatt Hareיום לפני
  • Look

    Heury CedenoHeury Cedenoיום לפני
  • Great make more movies like this as if we need them to be more fearful and take our focus off God. This is stupid. I will not watch it. I watched the first one minute and I was getting nauseated.

    Raya ShanazarianRaya Shanazarianיום לפני
  • This reminds me of that snl couple with „Gemma“ who is British and Jean

    Bubulina McbombshellBubulina Mcbombshellיום לפני
  • Looks like the best trailer for 2021.

    bridgeboy513bridgeboy513יום לפני
  • I’d like to see some more (South)east-Asian characters in this season.

    Lawrence JansenLawrence Jansenיום לפני
  • Honey salmon and Bear what could go wrong lol

    ValentinoValentinoיום לפני
  • I have never hyped for a movie this much before. I cannot even guess who the villain is.

    Cross XCross Xיום לפני
  • I wonder how many men praising KB for her not aging looks giving their women 💰 for all the face procedures, face devices, expensive creams, personal trainer and cook.

    OliCandleOliCandleיום לפני
  • Itay: Luca Mexico:miguel Columbia: Mirabel England: Cries about not having a hero from that country.

    Let's review.Let's review.יום לפני
  • I hope the focus is not on Zendaya. In the books Paul dreamed of the spice, not a girl.

    Raao1Raao1יום לפני
  • Welcome back Mexico-Jen

    John LukeJohn Lukeיום לפני
  • the original was much darker and the chracters were based on relegious escotological figures.

    Mr NomadMr Nomadיום לפני

    SleepifyySleepifyyיום לפני
  • Does his wife gave him the pig before she dies?? 🤣🤣

    king Hassanking Hassanיום לפני
  • I guess if the government wants me vaccinated, they should forbid me going to the movies to watch this

    Arthur SaeyArthur Saeyיום לפני
  • Directors/producers tend to always put a beautiful girl as the male lead actors interest played by a jewish guy.

    Markus EMarkus Eיום לפני
  • Wow!!

    Skyline_42oSkyline_42oיום לפני
  • "They wont believe you, because you are a man"

    Forza JuveForza Juveיום לפני
  • I grew up watching this from day 1 that the show aired these guys were like my weird misfit family i cried a lot when dunn died and it makes me happy the 4th jackass got to happen. I wish all of the guys a healthy life and for all to come together again

    Cosmic GuidanceCosmic Guidanceיום לפני
  • Jesus Ubisoft clickbait Bullshit , None of there games are anything like there trailer FFS

    MagisDMagisDיום לפני
  • Bam should be in this movie without Bam this movie is garbage. Steve-O was a heavy drug user in all of the other movies he was never sober in any of the stunts he did. Brandon Novak was a heavy drug user as well and they never fired either of them from the show. Oh so Bam drinks alcohol and all of a sudden he’s fired. No fuck that, Fuck jackass, fuck Jeff Tremaine and fuck Johnny Knoxville. I Won’t be seeing this movie and nobody I know who is fans of Bams will be watching it either. Bring back Bam you were all fools for firing him for a alcohol addiction!

    Juggalo4LifeJuggalo4Lifeיום לפני
  • PS5 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Papii DomsPapii Domsיום לפני
  • I could still make a great movie with Bruce Willis. I kind of have too. Any dialogue I'd give him: Hilarious

    The George Anton ShowThe George Anton Showיום לפני
  • Shame Ryan dunn couldn't be here to see this.

    Darius ImpeyDarius Impeyיום לפני
  • Why would you put Ben Aflac in such a good movie and ruin it?! Smh

    Michael DeeMichael Deeיום לפני
  • ahm....but why?

    E. B.E. B.יום לפני
  • Wow, the new "ARK 2" looks beautiful! :P

    Frost SpawnFrost Spawnיום לפני
  • The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing

    Dom Van LoggerenbergDom Van Loggerenbergיום לפני
  • So... They are fighting in Tatooine, Aquaman is helping one band, and there's also some sort of Loki's little brother who has visions and wears a Saint Seiya golden armor... Seems a cool movie! haha

    panchester23panchester23יום לפני
  • The longer the trailer is The lack of good script nears

    stonedgefishstonedgefishיום לפני
  • i was looking for ngannou in the trailer

    my iq is 2my iq is 2יום לפני
  • Just needs to crack on with Taken 4ore. Sam disappears during a round of golf with his friends.....Mills has to rescue his pal.

    fatwalletboy2fatwalletboy2יום לפני
  • If you want to know what goes goes on behind satanic cult doors...there you go, this is in my background. I wish people would take this more serious! It's nothing to mess around with, in that past near decade, it's all coming out into the open, Twilight, Breaking Dawn etc. This is what all satanic cults are all about. Don't be nieve and fooled by it!!!!!

    RachelRachelיום לפני
  • Joder viva Chayanne 🍷

    Valentina (☆▽☆)Valentina (☆▽☆)יום לפני
  • "Hello, we're British. I say, do you have any real estate available?"

    Maggie OsterbergMaggie Osterbergיום לפני
  • 1:54 I think the character there is pregnant

    aCanadianPersonaCanadianPersonיום לפני
  • There's only one Spirit, and you can't beat it with a second one ;)

    Mekiranos KhefrenMekiranos Khefrenיום לפני
  • The first 15 seconds of this could be a cologne commercial.

    Joe ScherschligtJoe Scherschligtיום לפני