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  • Finally we got something this year

    Enock SimukokoEnock Simukoko22 שעות לפני
  • Just saw the movie. This was amazing. Well played, amazing 70's 80's music, Nit boring at all. I recommend to watch.

    Ben KingBen King22 שעות לפני
  • No thanks

    james murphyjames murphy22 שעות לפני
  • Whats the name of the Song?

    R YeghiyanR Yeghiyan22 שעות לפני
  • Jack sparrow we are with you

    Na dimNa dim22 שעות לפני
  • I think fast and the furious are straying away form the original movies which was just racing jdm cats and running from the cops, now every movie they make is about saving the world

    Ishmael AuguisteIshmael Auguiste22 שעות לפני
  • When they do fantasy shows in Hollywood...I always hope they'd go for the old english or at least neutral english accents. It gives every dialogue a more serious tone.

    Nye BeNye Be22 שעות לפני
  • Main stream, tick tick boom and now this just how many interesting movies is this guy gonna pump out?

    Innovative maniacInnovative maniac22 שעות לפני
  • At last

    Eric DesmondEric Desmond22 שעות לפני
  • I'm waiting this session 🇳🇵🙏💝

    Naresh MahataraNaresh Mahatara22 שעות לפני
  • He would be great actor if god of war was made a movie

    Mandla NtsibandeMandla Ntsibande22 שעות לפני
  • Meg Griffin in 20 years

    Foolness GFoolness G22 שעות לפני
  • Just wow!

    Odion TobiOdion Tobi22 שעות לפני
  • Love it @batista in the movie makes it supper epic... Love Batista

    Asefone GodwardAsefone Godward22 שעות לפני
  • No campaign? No thanks.

    John HatchelJohn Hatchel22 שעות לפני
  • We want hindi dubbed movie.

    notanky Nayonnotanky Nayon22 שעות לפני
  • Please, what’s the song in the beginning?

    Наталия ТонкопрядченкоНаталия Тонкопрядченко22 שעות לפני
    • It's called Boho Days it's one of the songs from the stage show/movie

      rose/roserose/rose22 שעות לפני
  • Just put the movie out so I can d.load it for fcuksake.

    Jay MichaelJay Michael22 שעות לפני
  • wow

    sgt_ paskie_101sgt_ paskie_10122 שעות לפני
  • Tô a meia hora procurando um comentário brasileiro Vey🤡😂🖐️

    Laryssa PereiraLaryssa Pereira22 שעות לפני
  • Yesssssssssss finallyyyyyyyyyy

    Shinno NoharaShinno Nohara22 שעות לפני
  • It's so boring he should change his character.. always same type.. booooriiing

    Gina GinaGina Gina22 שעות לפני
  • 1 month wait not over

    CHNCATCHNCAT22 שעות לפני
  • Spoiler in the end.

    Paulo SouzaPaulo Souza22 שעות לפני
  • Cade os brasileiros vindo reclamar de spoiler tambem? Vtnc

    Paulo SouzaPaulo Souza22 שעות לפני
  • Heard about this series last year and now I’m gonna get into it and then jump into season two ✌🏾

    Black MagicBlack Magic22 שעות לפני
  • other soul like game

    naraza yutnaraza yut22 שעות לפני
  • Train to busan part 1....I'm watching it was so nice and climax excellent my eyes filled with tears superrrrrr

    Kumari11 PrincessKumari11 Princess22 שעות לפני
  • Can’t wait to see this movie I’ve seen all the others & the spin-off (Hobbs & Shaw) so it’s only right! 🤗

    Black MagicBlack Magic22 שעות לפני
  • 토끼 깡총깡총

    임석근임석근22 שעות לפני
  • underated gem

    leo nelleo nel22 שעות לפני
  • What a stupid glorification of violence! Why do people like that kind of things? Humanity is truly fucked!

    Philipp BriesePhilipp Briese22 שעות לפני
  • women can only ACT this badass.... hollywoods amusing tho..

    Fox SaintFox Saint22 שעות לפני
  • Atleast they need to learn something From WB(I know they are totally shit when it comes to Zack Snyder ) instead of delaying this movie like million times GVK and Mortal combat trailers came 2 months ago Well hype been created N We All Got served at the right time unlike black widow and F9

    MAbdur RahmanMAbdur Rahman22 שעות לפני
  • I can't wait

    Dany-dan ChrislainDany-dan Chrislain22 שעות לפני
  • in 2042 humans won't exist...

    Fox SaintFox Saint22 שעות לפני
  • Yannifer ♥️🔥♥️

    mad capmad cap22 שעות לפני
  • Wait. PG13? Ok

    M PierreM Pierre22 שעות לפני
  • 1:18 lmao i find it funny that, after hundreds of years of blindness, light installments are still there instead of being ripped off and used for something, anything else.

    k o r n i s h o n ik o r n i s h o n i22 שעות לפני
  • I oo

    Reza RiandhaReza Riandha22 שעות לפני
  • The thumbnail confused me as I thought it was some big belly fetish thing But now that I get it after seeing the trailer that's freaking unique

    SuperWiiBros08SuperWiiBros0822 שעות לפני
  • Huge dislike. I’m definetely not interested in a movie made by group of people that psychopath Amber Heard is part of.

    t reznicekt reznicek22 שעות לפני
  • that level of accident and they got no scratch at all.. that is something

    zeshan Mujtabazeshan Mujtaba22 שעות לפני
  • Obviously its predictive programming and the ruling elite have plans for is. Time to delete the ruling elite cunts

    Anthony GayAnthony Gay22 שעות לפני
  • Can't fuckin wait

    Just for fun And blogJust for fun And blog22 שעות לפני
  • thank you, Lord I've been waiting patiently on this second season. Big shout outs to Apple Tv for continuing the show

    Donahue AdderleyDonahue Adderley22 שעות לפני
  • Looks like shit.

    WhiteSpyder170WhiteSpyder17022 שעות לפני
  • மரண வெய்டிங் ரா!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Udesh GrUdesh Gr22 שעות לפני
  • It's "very a sad" that Borat's got lost in political correctness. What 14 years spent in labour prison camp can do to a man's brain...

    Hektor Von DanzigHektor Von Danzig22 שעות לפני
  • looks good. can we buy in bitcoin?

    RolandRoland22 שעות לפני
  • Marvel can u pls release spiderman no way home trailer than posting a bunch of black widow trailers repetitively

    ugiz rexugiz rex22 שעות לפני
  • Nice to see Melissa McCarthy play something different

    John BainivanuaJohn Bainivanua22 שעות לפני
  • Wowwww....

    Akila PereraAkila Perera22 שעות לפני
  • Been waiting since last year but still nothing

    nicknick22 שעות לפני
  • Once again, good job to the camera man risking his life to get us amazing action scenes. He does deserve some credit

    Ianbest SmithIanbest Smith22 שעות לפני
  • So another extinction level show/film What are we constantly being prepared for?

    johnd1466johnd146622 שעות לפני
  • Where can i watch it??

    ErikErik23 שעות לפני
  • Maybe better to get a rental car for these excursion and summer rentals

    Muffie1174Muffie117423 שעות לפני
  • This is giving me blue lagoon movie vibes especially when I saw his daughter getting pregnant 😂

    TejanshuTejanshu23 שעות לפני
  • They always do this but the actress who plays Mary Jo is much more beautiful than the real Mary Jo Kopechne who has been described as medium attractive.

    Muffie1174Muffie117423 שעות לפני
  • Its ok if you forgot how Fast 8 ended lol

    Tony MorenoTony Moreno23 שעות לפני
  • Finally another Wes Anderson film

    Samuel.J.BarkerSamuel.J.Barker23 שעות לפני
  • August is too far😭😭😭😭

    brilliant beebrilliant bee23 שעות לפני
  • 3:19 this is definitely some sht you would see in a fast and furious movie

    MegaAlexfreakMegaAlexfreak23 שעות לפני
  • Just in time for the release of the UFO files from the CIA/Pentagon - never let a good trending topic go to waste

    MantikalMantikal23 שעות לפני
  • I have seen this video nearly 50 times just to watch the way Dylan O'Brien swings the sword.. 👌👌👌👌👌...

    vishnu rameshvishnu ramesh23 שעות לפני
  • Ok

    Asif AhammadAsif Ahammad23 שעות לפני
  • Why the fuck would you make sam neil use an accent...

    Closed Eye VisualsClosed Eye Visuals23 שעות לפני
  • This looks so promising

    Deepak KumarDeepak Kumar23 שעות לפני
  • Apple Studios + Invasion = Epic Games + Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 7 also known as Invasion = US Govt acknowledging UFO's all in the same month? Coincidence?

    ToastyBabynoseToastyBabynose23 שעות לפני
  • If everyone is blind then why r they wearing dresses... 🤔.. Ohh.. the cameraman is not blind🤷‍♂️.... sorry its mymistake 🥸

    vishnu rameshvishnu ramesh23 שעות לפני
  • This trailer just lost the movie so much money.

    New Age HorrorNew Age Horror23 שעות לפני
  • Why does apple tv disable comments?😑

    Baraka Obomber vs Ronald RaidenBaraka Obomber vs Ronald Raiden23 שעות לפני
  • Creepy AF! One waits for the couple to somehow 'escape' and it never comes! The sequel should focus on revenge for humans.

    Dhirshan GobindDhirshan Gobind23 שעות לפני