HITMAN'S WIFE'S BODYGUARD "Making Out in The Car" Trailer (New, 2021)

HITMAN'S WIFE'S BODYGUARD "Making Out in The Car" Trailer (New, 2021) Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson, Salma Hayek, Funny Scene Clip, Hitman's Bodyguard 2 Action Movie HD
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  • The Hitmans Second Cousin. Yawn

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  • Я каждый день на таком авто езжу

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  • Fury is having the best time here😅😅😅

  • Hellyeah 2 hands squeeze those babies

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  • Nice

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  • Super

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  • ilmore.info/door/0KKqx4Gdko2FqNg/wyd-w.html

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  • BBC and Katrina jade👍

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  • Good

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  • Super

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  • Omg🤣🤣🤣

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  • One lucky guy

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  • Ok

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  • Next trailer be like. HITMAN'S SONS BODYGUARD 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • Thanks for 😘 1.94k subs.😍😍 Ab Bs ap Log 1.98 pure krwa do 😜 My Free Fire Lovers 😍 Players 👀✔️

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  • Another great movie postponed

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  • Can't wait to watch this

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  • Who is thinking of making out with eternal beauty salma hayek who is ummm.54 yrs old..old enough to be your mom.

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  • I wish I was his hands.

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  • 0:55 nick is surely the luckiest person on earth to touch those !

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  • So she pulls off his earphones then fires 2 shots inches from his head: Permanent hearing damage.

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  • Meanwhile captain Marvel wot the hell are u doing fury???

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  • When does it drop

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  • hayek makes this movie.

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  • I wanna be sam Jackson I wanna be sam Jackson I wanna be sam jackson

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  • Would happily stand first in line to never see this thumbnail again.

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  • 0:55 That lucky bastard

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  • tamil ples

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  • Zeher

  • Actors life Is dificult.

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  • I love Salma

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  • Man I'm jealous

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  • Stuka Whirlwind

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  • Well, now both couples are gonna haunt his dreams

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  • Sam Jackson i want to kiss your hands !!!!!!

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  • Part 1 : Hitman’s Bodyguard Part 2: Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard Part 3: Hitman’s Wife’s Daughter’s Bodyguard Part 4: Hitman’s Wife’s Daughter’s Husband’s Bodyguard Part 5: Hitman’s Wife’s Daughter’s Husband’s Son’s Bodyguard

  • When Salma slaps Ryan 😂

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  • Ryan Reynolds in the back of a car watching a 72 year old Black man copping off with a 54 year old latina woman. No wonder he wanted to get out of the car....

  • Dawnn👀

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  • Nick Fury getting his hands on one of the Eternals

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  • I wonder, how many slaps he got in this movie🙄😂

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  • Samuel Jackson too old for salma Hayek

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  • People luck don't exit Look Samuel jasckson

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  • Tags: cuckold, NTR, public

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  • General Fury And Deadpool☺️😁😅🤣😂

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  • What's the name of that book ??

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  • I'm a simple man, I see Samuel L. Jackson licking a woman's face, I click.

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  • Director: "Uh Sam that's not in the script" Samuel L. Jackson: "Shut up mf!"

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  • I wonder whos idea was to grab selmas balloons lmfao cause sam took full advantage of that

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  • I be honest, No way my ex is going for that one eye patch, snake on the plane, pulp fiction with a bad ass wallet MF make a movie with him. #hater #joking

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  • As Darius mentioned in the first movie: What happened to the seatbelt rule?

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  • Lucky ass SAM JACKSON u wish u was his hands for that scene

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  • Vampire has started the process of sucking blood out of the human. Thought something after seeing the thumbnail.

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  • Selma come drink your milk!! I miss that commercial...

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  • That's not Salma Hayek it's definitely a double

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  • Are you gonna release movie or what?

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  • Was the thumbnail for this needed ffs 😬🤢

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  • Every straight guy wishes they were in the back of the car with ryan

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  • Michael: She’s always slapping me! Did you tell her to do that! Kincade: No, but she’s always doing that to people she likes! You get used to it! One last thing, it sucks to be you!

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  • Yuk! That make out look like a seal begging for a fish. Eew.

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  • Poor Selma

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  • Ew.

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  • This is what Nick fury is doin Skrull will look out buisness

  • Fucking Lada. Why they dont smash this fucking car???

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  • 00:55 squeeze that pair so bad until they explode

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  • Am I getting old or does this film look completely shit.

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  • *Old Sam getting real 💘fondling on Salma' on camera. I'm imagining how many takes did it take. God I'm 🍌hard already.*

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    • Can't get laid irl huh?

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  • All latino girl be crazy 😏

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  • Samuel can play a good symbiote😂👌

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  • Wow, Rayrey sounds like a yellow rodent

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    • Ps eye nose... ryrey...

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  • no imagine Deadpool meeting Nick Fury

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  • That thumbnail lol

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  • Here's another version of Nick Fury is wildly making out with one of the Eternals, while Deadpool handling the car... Guess why eternals never wanted to take part in the avengers in the first place..

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  • All English or White people need to do dna test to know who their father officially 😂

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  • 1:08 _epic_ 😂😂😂

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  • I don't know who is the husband of this woman

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  • The thumbnail tho

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  • lol DAMN SAM 😭💪🏾🤟🏾😅

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  • Pretty sure they used a body double for the kissing shot.

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  • That thumbnail picture is catching her getting out of character for a split second and she didn't like that tongue action 😅 but she had to stay in character 🥴

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  • ryan getting bitch slaps by Salma hayek lol

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  • There ain’t no one like Ryan Reynolds, except Ryan Reynolds! 😅🤙😎👊

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  • Movie Pitch : You'll play the part of Salma H... Sam Jackson : YES

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  • Shitty humour , shitty acting and overall it will be a shitty movie like the first one .

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  • The kissing part is sexy😝

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  • That nigga’s lucky

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  • Nick fury making out with the leader of the Eternals in front of Deadpool

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  • Lucky Samuel bastard🤣🤣

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  • RR is a natural treasure lol

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  • When she slapped him n he made that noise lol

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  • Can I just say the thumbnail for this video made me vom

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  • Nick fury in secret mission 😁😁

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  • Picture this You're going on vacation and suddenly someone calls you and say that there is a New job and your présence is required immédiatly How would you feel?

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  • Sam Jackson you are one lucky lucky man

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  • This time deadpool got his worthy opponent 😅😅😅

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  • I am sure there's decent way to grab attention than the video-pic, when you got A-list actors in the movie.

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  • No bodyguard

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  • Seen so many trailers, if i put the trailers together, its the whole movie

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    • Spoils it

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  • Thumbnail is on fire...

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