RON'S GONE WRONG Trailer (2021)

RON'S GONE WRONG Official Trailer (2021) Robot Animated Movie HD
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  • Wall e' s and eve's son.

    WolomjaredWolomjared2 שעות לפני
  • this looks really fun, actually. cant wait to see what its like

    Jess CoombesJess Coombes2 שעות לפני
  • Alrighty..choke that chicken

    djbred18djbred1811 שעות לפני
  • The Mitchells vs. the Machines: Finally, a worthy opponent, OUR BATTLE WILL LEGENDARY!

    Jackie GonzalezJackie Gonzalez19 שעות לפני
  • Song name?

    Rowhan NayazRowhan Nayaz20 שעות לפני
  • did it just snap a chickens neck

    JedstormJedstorm20 שעות לפני
  • And then they called customer services. The end.

    David PownallDavid Pownall22 שעות לפני
  • 1:48 Pretty much *EVERY* type of technology I buy

    Jo SmoJo Smo22 שעות לפני
  • This is gonna be great

    Shaikh OwaisShaikh Owaisיום לפני
  • wow it looks good to me

    Down D. StairsDown D. Stairsיום לפני
  • Another movie showing us that defective things can be loved too. Predictable

    Justin HackstadtJustin Hackstadtיום לפני
  • Looks meh

  • really, a choking the chicken joke in the trailer... I LOVE IT!

    Mike ElmoreMike Elmoreיום לפני
  • Plot twist : Ron is a Gen 2 Bot who was in developpement and got shipped by mistakes and a cool new feature at the end of the movie will help save the kid and become the coolest kid with the new version of their bots.

    Damien LamoureuxDamien Lamoureuxיום לפני
  • My B*Bot would book me a psychiatrist after it syncs with browser hostory

    Young_MasterYoung_Masterיום לפני
  • I can see Apple creating this.

    codedxxxcodedxxxיום לפני
  • If that was an actual product it would have been sick!

    PobonsPingPobonsPingיום לפני
  • so plot in a nutshell parent bought faulty device. has 14 day return policy and doesn't bother to do an exchange like normal people would do if they got a faulty ipad for honestly though the robot would turn evil and try to take over the world.....wait a film just came out that did that plot and was awesome!

    thomas mabbottthomas mabbott2 ימים לפני
  • Broken Doraemon with Same but Thin Nobita.

    Rohan RanjanRohan Ranjan2 ימים לפני
  • This reminds me of when everyone got the new Razor scooter when it first came out and I had the heavy flea market one lol

    TopShelfGradeATopShelfGradeA2 ימים לפני
  • I don’t want an uprising but THEY NEED TO MAKE A ROBOT LIKE THIS almost like vector but like ron so it’s better

    Kasia LesterKasia Lester2 ימים לפני
  • Love it

    Ronny CoulingRonny Couling2 ימים לפני
  • Lol mind games with an ad in a trailer what is reality

    Kitty RescuedKitty Rescued2 ימים לפני
  • Not going to see the movie i prefer live action anyway

    Monty RayMonty Ray2 ימים לפני
  • i like it :))looks like Bmax

    فاطمه او.ایفاطمه او.ای3 ימים לפני
  • if we replace pokemon with robots....

    Durgesh SharmaDurgesh Sharma3 ימים לפני
  • The Mitchels vs the machines 2

    NachoNacho3 ימים לפני
  • The kid must have got the pre-paid version.

    Kenneth AmennKenneth Amenn3 ימים לפני
  • I have a feeling this going to be another Mitchel's vs the machines No one saw it coming but it ended up being downright amazing

    Harrison RoigHarrison Roig3 ימים לפני
  • Anyone else find the six feet joke hilarious?

    Chris StamfordChris Stamford3 ימים לפני
  • This reminded me of child's play reboot

    patrick sowderspatrick sowders3 ימים לפני
  • Sound same as baymax??

    Jack SolisJack Solis3 ימים לפני
  • Dose anyone know what that music at the start it called

    timelocker CGtimelocker CG3 ימים לפני
  • Why doesn’t he just return it?

    GhostOfDanielGhostOfDaniel3 ימים לפני
  • Is ron a b-bot counterfeit is so cheap.😂😂😂😂

    annick roussem rouannick roussem rou3 ימים לפני
  • Sinister cause presents the force awakens on ILmore

    Stazia KiberaStazia Kibera3 ימים לפני
  • Baymax 2 lol

    Minecraft Walker ✔️Minecraft Walker ✔️3 ימים לפני
  • Where are you going?! "Add Is , A Ba Ba ....?!" BEGINS listing every city in the world

    Zack4Aerith HheellzzoonneeZack4Aerith Hheellzzoonnee3 ימים לפני
  • 🙏🙏🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

    Kashap RainaKashap Raina3 ימים לפני
  • Its a robot that was ordered off of Wish

    Jason JonesJason Jones3 ימים לפני
  • Isn't this child's play but for kids?

    NexisGaminNexisGamin3 ימים לפני
  • This is going to be trash. Like emoji movie. Say what you want. It's not my fault people accept trash as movies. Bring the talking toys back WOOOOOOODDDDYYYYYYYYYYYY!

    Sayed Muhammad RoussoulleSayed Muhammad Roussoulle3 ימים לפני
  • I'm getting Bamax vibes but I'm here for it!

    MegaAnubisxDMegaAnubisxD3 ימים לפני
    • But he's a bean!

      Elijah GuevaraElijah Guevara2 ימים לפני
  • I think this should be sams virtual assistant

    Just izacJust izac3 ימים לפני
  • I can’t stop laughing. This looks seriously funny. Secret not for kids kids movie?

    Polar PandaPolar Panda3 ימים לפני
  • why didnt he just return it?

    GodAtumGodAtum3 ימים לפני
  • 6 feet 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🙏

    humanhuman3 ימים לפני
  • "Cough" nextgen..."cough"

    stupid universe 731Cstupid universe 731C3 ימים לפני
  • Disney: I think it's been a while since we had another robot merchandising opportunity after Baymax sold real well. Someone get on it.

    piplupcolapiplupcola3 ימים לפני
    • Not to mention using the same voice actor as baymax...

      Meagan FortierMeagan Fortier19 שעות לפני
  • This is what happen when your dad try to buy a pirated version of BBot from China lol.

    William LaiWilliam Lai3 ימים לפני
    • 😂😂

      Sarah AnneSarah Anne3 ימים לפני
  • That B Bot is from wish

    M RiveraM Rivera3 ימים לפני
  • This is literally big hero 6 with no heroes. This outta be illegal lmaoooo

    moone the alienmoone the alien3 ימים לפני
  • I am looking at the 'Skip ad' button for the first half minute. Who feel the same? :D

    Soo May YuanSoo May Yuan3 ימים לפני
  • Funny, great animation, great concept, and amazing voice cast... It will be fun to watch!

    Setho RamohapiSetho Ramohapi4 ימים לפני
  • I am a movie producer, what do you guys think about a movie about Robot civil rights, cyborgs, forbidden love and a free robot nation on Mars?

    Christina LawChristina Law4 ימים לפני
  • Im gonna ignore the fact i thought this shit was real

    patrick jug head starpatrick jug head star4 ימים לפני
  • Nice 👍.

    Partha SarathiPartha Sarathi4 ימים לפני
  • So help me..... if they kill the dang robot

    Roman VelasquezRoman Velasquez4 ימים לפני
  • six.....

    StefanStefan4 ימים לפני
  • where to buy that device ... wait what

    muhammad abuzarmuhammad abuzar4 ימים לפני
  • Finally Bamax back story :)

    Pinoy Toy ReviewPinoy Toy Review4 ימים לפני
  • I think this is going to be so emotional

    KT DaKT Da4 ימים לפני
  • This is a horror movie, that chicken just got decapitated

    marvelous studios moving picturesmarvelous studios moving pictures4 ימים לפני
  • thought this was a product launch video by apple for a second.

    Kamal LalKamal Lal4 ימים לפני
  • I get they wanna cater to young kids with technology but at some point it gets Boring : the mitchels vs the machines was fine for this time .

    Erica RojasErica Rojas4 ימים לפני
  • It’s an advert for the new Apple HomePod 🤣

    William SmythWilliam Smyth4 ימים לפני
  • That looks like a fun movie.

    Roland TuckRoland Tuck4 ימים לפני
  • So figurative he got current google search engine.

    stormragestormrage4 ימים לפני
  • I grew up riding bikes, climbing trees, swimming in lakes, playing sports, getting cuts and scratches and listening to my Walkman on repeat! It’s a shame the future generations will be consumed by technology.

    Piotr KuzmickiPiotr Kuzmicki4 ימים לפני
  • Can't wait to buy a B-Bot from target this Christmas........because, OF COURSE

    Luke SevronLuke Sevron4 ימים לפני

    Jannat's Cooking diaryJannat's Cooking diary4 ימים לפני

    Jannat's Cooking diaryJannat's Cooking diary4 ימים לפני

    Jannat's Cooking diaryJannat's Cooking diary4 ימים לפני
  • so... no warranty?

    Rozalind AriaRozalind Aria4 ימים לפני
  • Bean-Max

    Tuan VoTuan Vo4 ימים לפני
  • How will they make one joke last for an entire movie?

    Tom HorsleyTom Horsley4 ימים לפני
  • Fun fact, the song "Happy Together" featured heavily on the soundtrack of 1987 android romance movie "Making Mr. Right".

    SarklaserSarklaser4 ימים לפני
  • We got Baymax, we’re ayt

    Jedidiah IngramJedidiah Ingram4 ימים לפני
  • Ok not gonna lie- that moment he counted 6 Feet had me bursting with laughter XD

    killeingkilleing4 ימים לפני

      AggerwalAggerwal4 ימים לפני
  • The song in the trailer is called Happy Together by Turtles

    Steven SimpsonSteven Simpson4 ימים לפני
  • So, this is what happens when Wall-E, Eva, and Baymax have a baby?

    Evanora Darkwood CronwellEvanora Darkwood Cronwell4 ימים לפני

      Meme IselfaneyeMeme Iselfaneye4 ימים לפני
  • Looks like a device only I could build. AND I WOULD !

    Mugurel Teodor AndriciMugurel Teodor Andrici4 ימים לפני
  • remember how the ipad was inspired by star trek? (star trek invented the idea of the iPad first) what if 20 years in the future we will have one of these

    TeemoTeemo4 ימים לפני
  • EVE

    TeemoTeemo4 ימים לפני
  • Sad

    Alfred EAlfred E4 ימים לפני
  • Let the B bots do what Thanos couldn't... Make a grateful universe

    Edwin WamochaEdwin Wamocha4 ימים לפני
  • I don't like the voice for this character/product. I'd expect something a little more cutesy.

    shootingcomet082shootingcomet0824 ימים לפני
  • thought was real

  • Am I the only one who would customise my bbot to look like amogus

    AerthQuakeAerthQuake4 ימים לפני
  • Small Hero 6

    Mohamed HasanMohamed Hasan4 ימים לפני
  • This is like Invader Zim's GIR and Baymax mixed together. lol

    Laura K-ELaura K-E4 ימים לפני
    • Bean Baymax is cute.

      Elijah GuevaraElijah Guevara2 ימים לפני
    • That's what I thought as well, he's kinda like GIR but less destructive, seems like a really fun movie.

      IceheartOmnisIceheartOmnis3 ימים לפני
  • I'm only here to see Jack Dylan Grazer's voice 🤭

    Rotten UniKornRotten UniKorn4 ימים לפני
  • Did that f*cking robot just kill the chicken.

    Braincube 013Braincube 0134 ימים לפני
    • Nah, I don't get why people think that, you can clearly see that it just made the chicken drop an egg. That's it!

      LEVILEVI3 ימים לפני
  • Honestly, i want one. Not sure i can watch it because it’s fiction 😭

    dysceadyscea4 ימים לפני
  • Wow, looks like shlt

    SaturdaySaturday4 ימים לפני
  • Yup, thought that was an ad

    Ezekiel ReissigEzekiel Reissig4 ימים לפני
  • this looks like a "big hero 6" and "next gen" rip off...

    martijn musschootmartijn musschoot4 ימים לפני
  • so Its drunk Baymax's little brother...

    ALXanderKODIAKALXanderKODIAK4 ימים לפני
  • This looks like Big Hero 6 with unsexy aunty

    John WickJohn Wick4 ימים לפני