BATTLEFIELD 2042 Trailer (2021) 4K ULTRA HD

BATTLEFIELD 2042 Trailer (2021) 4K ULTRA HD, PS5, Xbox Series X, PC
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  • Finally in 4K! Enjoy!

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    • @Christina Law what a sad desperate attempt at attention, I feel sorry for you.

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    • Nice

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    • @Christina Law pvz player

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    • with battle royal ?

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    • @Christina Law um, the people who played them.....and I'd say most of them lol

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  • Why not 2088?

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  • Olay budur..

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  • We need another bad company

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  • They should make a movie

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  • one of these scenes will be used in the next fast & furious movie.

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  • It looks good, but I'm gonna wait to see what accredited critics have to say about it a month or so after release before even thinking of buying the game. No Man's Sky and Cyberpunk 2077 are a good examples of waiting how it turns out before forking over money to buy it.

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  • The level of exaggeration in this trailer is beyond unrealistic

  • What have I just seen? Gawd!

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  • 100 vs 100 MVP match

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  • I've just watched Hollywood... Where is the game?....

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  • *Soldiers:* BANG!.. BANG!.. BANG!.. BOOM!! BOOM!! *GOD:* 3:45 I'm done with all this Little Sh*t!

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  • imagine, if this game came in mobile devices i’m pretty sure it will be the best game of the decade i guess 👍🤪

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  • The best pilot in the world

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  • This is oscar standard movie not video game wooooooooo

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  • the poilet booms the other aircraft in style

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  • >>>>>>>>>>

  • That ejecting out of a jet to take care of another jet with an RPG and then back to the jet is savage. Tom Cruise needs to see this!

  • Best use of Motley Crue in awhile.

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  • Battlefield's environment destruction's been trash since Battlefield 3 and this remains unimpressive. I don't care about wing suits, I don't care about set piece hazards, and if I want infantry combat I'll go play COD or something.

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  • 3:08 battlefield makers be like: reality can be what ever i want

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  • Battlefield 4: 2042 So freaking pumped, LET'S GOOOO

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  • Omg.....DICE is finally making COD?

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  • Ps4 looking trash

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  • hmm....

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  • Anybody 3:20??

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  • Let go guys to BATTLEFIELD 2142

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  • WHat hell is an ATV doing on top of a building? Whats the plan here? Where are you gonna take the ATV? Was the plan to always launch it off the roof irrespective of the chopper? Don't know how things turn out in 2042 but as of now the idea with a plane is to make it aerodynamic and hence they have small cockpits, but i guess by 2042 they will design a plane with a cockpit big enough to store an RPG in front of the pilot so he can grab it bug out to shoot another plane. We have fast and furious for all this, lets keep the games real guys. Great quality otherwise. looking forward to this game.

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  • Hell Yeeahhhhhh..........

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  • Just remember guys... DON'T preorder.

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  • Rip For NPC's

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  • 3:20 lol so that's what it looks like in 3rd person view instead =D... Makes it feel more like Fast and the Furious type of thing. Lol cool but now also kinda corny. But leaning more towards the cool side =D

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  • Anybody else think HARP will be mentioned if they haven’t already? Or at least controlled weather disasters in warfare? I only have hope for it because of the tornado tbh but it is 2042 in the game 🤷🏽‍♂️

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  • Huy papa tiene una pinta ufff la cosa esque ahora de la talla cuando salga a la venta

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  • I was deep into games waaaaay back when. I can still vividly remember playing War and Chopper Command on an Atari 2600. This trailer looks absolutely amazing!!! I'm tempted to go and buy a console just to play it.

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  • 2042😂😂😧 Most people don't even know that our world is going to be worse than that before 2030. I hope they know to call upon the name of JESUS CHRIST

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  • Awesomeness.... That jet scene was 🔥🔥🔥 ...

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  • Tenet music 🔥

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  • Jogo foda da desgraça !

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  • Crazy

  • Eject.....blow up the other plane...then climb in....looks like they watched to much Fast and Furious lol.

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  • 3:13 God mode on

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  • 3:15 great!

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  • Insane

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  • the tornado and the jet scenes are just epic

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  • Its in qatar ..!!!.The buildings

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  • It looks fun, but they should make a GI Joe game like this ...

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  • Spoiler: There are no Aliens!

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  • .as long as nothing happens between them, the memory is cursed with what hasn't happened.

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  • its always good in gameplay cinematics, can they just make a CGI movie instead.

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  • I saw Tom Cruise in jet F35 with RPG But where was damn Iron Dom 😎

  • What was an ATV doing on the top of that building?

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  • 3:25 cheaterz !!!!! badass but cheaterz !!

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  • Just wow

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  • This looks really cool, I wonder if the Fast and the Furious team directed it.

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  • Eu, joguei o BF, deste do PS3 ,e não gostei dos dois BF 1e o 5, tomará q seja igual ao treile.

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  • Not only if the game is half as good as the trailer, rather than the same game re-pakaged.

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  • Longest game trailer ever

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  • Aren't those comes from the BFs memes?

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  • What the

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  • The main question is.... *_Can it run on a 1650s?_*

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  • Wow..... I don't play games but this trailer made me 🤔 think that what I am missing in my life.....

  • Green camo man always stays alive

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  • 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🤯🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🤯

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  • Damm now call of duty guys are definitely going back to their drawing boards!

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  • Op

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  • This game will be a br or not?

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  • anyone here after defence matrix

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  • total chaos!!!

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  • I gotta say 3:18 was damn epic

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  • yaaaa!

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  • Shooting bazooka with F35 vs SU57 are you kidding ? dude U can open the cockpit window in SU57 but not in F35 lol

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  • Well they finally stopped milking that WW Era thing . They jumped on the band wagon and kept milking the heck out of it . So now there back to modern . ..... But still hopefully waiting for a bad company . I know it won't happen sadly , but I will keep hope just cause it is the best game they have had 🥺

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  • Now Just need the móbile version

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  • Wow

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  • Can we just admire how clear and beautiful this video is😍😍😍

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  • i remember all those good day in bf4, was like this video, please DICE , make the dream real.

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  • whos excited for the sweaty chopper pilots to come back to drop 200-0........ not me

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  • it looks like call of dutywarzone but that is futuristic game

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  • That ending tornado & wingsuit straight up copied from Just Cause 4!

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  • Tenet like background music in this trailer

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  • I misread the title. I thought they were bringing back battlefield 2142. Guess I have to keep waiting.

  • i hope gameplay will be good which matters more in multiplayer games

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  • bhahahaha

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  • Let me just hope out of my jet real quick for a sneak attack and hope back in. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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  • De los creadores de "Rápido y furioso"

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  • 1:46 those penguins are chilling or freaking out? I don't know.

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  • If anybody wants to know the trailer song it's 'kickstart my heart' - mötley crüe

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  • The trailer looks like fast and furious trailer

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  • Damn

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  • What can I say. Just watching this feels like dream come true.♥️

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  • Наконец нормальный шетер будет, а не эти сраные войнушки на консервных банках и палками в виде батлы 1 и 5

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  • yey ....another 100+ Gb game .... my ssd is getting wet again ...

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  • The laughable antarctica analytically terrify because second emphatically risk towards a majestic range. foamy, pointless christopher

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  • Jumping out of jet hitting enemy with rocket, and then catching the jet. Hmm they are listening. This looks promising.

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  • 3:18 What the F... 🤯

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