THE CONJURING 3 Trailer 2 (2021)

THE CONJURING 3 Trailer 2 (2021) The Devil Made Me Do It Final Trailer
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  • i’m soooo mad this movie totally sucked and I was so excited!!! The first conjuring remains undefeated even number two was 10 times better than this movie. I’m actually offended they made this movie and added it to the conjuring legacy. We need James Wan back directing these movies !!! He was so good at creating a scary and spooky atmosphere that he didn’t need to rely on cheap jump scares ugh. To me this movie is more of a thriller than a horror. Very disappointed

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  • I watched it sadly it wasn't as scary as I expected

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  • Omg quiche Lorraine 😭

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  • Ayetel Kürsi okuyun gelemezler

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  • Got this on dvd

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  • 1:07 the exorcist 😱

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  • Anyone call gojo

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  • Just watched this today, scary asf. Very many “hell to the motherfuck no” moments

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  • This Scooby-Doo detective crap wasn't even scary. The unholy was much better than this

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  • Can someone please tell me what I did this time yours sincerely Mr.Devil

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  • Y’all better pray before and after watching this movie y’all ✝️✝️

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  • Looks bad ass!

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  • Me: Why did you like my comment? You: Because the devil made me do it

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  • 2020/2090…

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  • Will there be Conjuring 4 later?🤔😃

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  • Conjuring 1 : She made me do it Conjuring 2 : He made me do it Conjuring 3 : Devil made me do it Conjuring 4 : I will do it myself

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    • Yup pretty much 😂

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    • 😭😭

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  • watch, it's not that scary compare to other season, nun its more scary this

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  • i’m gonna shout in my bed

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  • My mom: why are you liking your own comments Me: *The Devil Made Me Do It*

    𝙍𝙤𝙪'𝙨 𝙑𝙞𝙗𝙚𝙨𝙍𝙤𝙪'𝙨 𝙑𝙞𝙗𝙚𝙨3 ימים לפני
  • Bro this Jawn looks too scary 😭😭

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  • When this movie will be released?

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    • Kat netflix Tak silap dah ada kott

  • I had high hopes for this film and though it had a few stand out moments- very few - it promptly let me down then again see what happens when you change director 🐇

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  • Turn to Jesus and don’t watch this

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  • The face effects shown aren't even in the movie😭

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  • POV: larain spat little funny dust at ed

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  • I think the trailer is more interesting then the movie because movie is Unnecessary

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  • If Doctor Strange was in it.The movie will only last 10 sec

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  • I watched it last night, it was ok but nothing great. Good story though.

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  • They just had to put an ad before a video at 10pm that scared the shit outa me!... plz don’t put ads like that

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  • Ever since I watched In The Tall Grass I can't stop thinking that he's gonna say "Nataly!!" or "Tobin!!"

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  • May Allah bless me after this

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  • Th Devil is a lie! Mr brown.

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  • in cinema?????? How is this possible?

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  • Indo

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  • 1:41 that was *CLEAN*

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  • I had high hopes for this movie but it was a serious let down for me. 1st one was the best.

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  • XD the fact that I am watching both of them to refresh my memory of conjuring cuz I’m bout to watch the third!!!

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  • The story line was really good

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  • Rubbish movie. Do not watch this. Wasting of time and money

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  • James wan??

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  • I feel like this is gonna be the type of horror that gets in your mind rather than be horrifing on screen.

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    • Agreed. But this movie was kinda creepy

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  • Any malayalees here 🤩

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  • Warren is my lastname🥴

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  • Movie is little bit boreing... Compare to 1st and 2. Parts... This movie is not too much high 👎👎👎👎👎

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  • Watching this at 1 in the morning with no lights out wasn’t such a good idea😅

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    • @John Chilson lol what up dude

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    • You think?😂😂

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  • 👎

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  • Xem cuốn đấy 😁😁

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  • Another franchise that kisses Christianity’s ass

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  • 1:16 uhhh ??? This scene wasn’t even in the movie??? WTH 😡

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  • Horror rocks!

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  • This movie looks shit lol the whole series boring

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  • Jesus Christ that movie sure helped me cure insomnia One boring crappy movie

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  • People still believe this is real

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  • Osm movie👌👌👌👌 mza a gya dekh ky movie😀😀😀conjuring 1ky bd yeh prt conjuring k Acha h second bss normal hi tha😀😀

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  • Yo that actually looks good!!!

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  • 🔥🔥🔥

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  • This one was just a waste of time and they miserably failed with the story line!!

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  • The movie is boring

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  • What website do y’all watch in

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  • I know the makers even started thinking over the next movie, hope it's entertains more than this did, SPOILER WARNING - DON'T READ => the real story said David had 43 demons in him, but not shown or told about any of it in the movie...

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  • Time of really good horror movies is gone. I can't even call this film "horror movie". Boring and everything already seen 😞

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  • I liked it.

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  • fucking love it die waiting to watch..

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  • Watched it last night. 1st conjuring still the most scariest

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  • Indonesian movie top horror movies

  • @1:05 omega red spotted

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  • Last night, after watching this movie at the cinema, it was really exciting, there were a lot of jump scares

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  • Yesterday evening i saw already movie... 😀

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  • Trash movie!

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  • Trailer was... umm.... Not so exciting

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  • I just watched it and its not better than 2 first movies

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    • Second one is the best

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  • "the true case that proved the devil is real" well in my opinion the devil aint real, just like god but there are devil and bad spirits, entity's, energies... and thats for 100% sure

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  • Did the conjuring got less scarier or I got braver..

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  • To be honest it wasn't that scary compared to the previous 2 but it made me feel good and satisfying rather than terrifying

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  • Omaygaddd❤️

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  • The movie sucks, just boring

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  • Coming To soap2day Soon !

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  • Went to watch it today: felt long but I don't regret spending money watching it at the movies, not as scary as the first 2 but the plot is interesting.

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    • First two movies were directed from master wan..if this movie had been made from him it was gonna be epic

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  • I use to be so scared of everything until I saw a man burned alive online. Now I see humans are the scariest and most cruelest so no scary movie even bothers me now..

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  • Haha ung lawyer pinakitaan ni annabelle hahahah hayup di xa mkapakali hahhaa

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  • The movie sucked no jumpscares are nothing boring watch the last 2conjuring s were the best this one was disappointing to say the least don't waste ur time !👎👎

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  • daaannnnggg🤯!!!!!!!

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  • "Cocaine" ! Lol heres your cocaine phhewwww!! Blows cocaine 😆 🤣 😂

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  • “Devil made me do it” Devil: “What the heaven did I do?”

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    • @Niroshan De Mel me: how the heck did you say hell jesus?

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    • God: How the hell you say 'heaven' 😂😂

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    • Its probably the same demon they had in The Nun.

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  • mam im pagan

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  • That dude singing blondie

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  • Conjuring never fails

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  • I’m glad they brought back the Asian guy that helps Ed & Warren 😁 He’s cute

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  • I know.fellsmere florida.

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  • I just watched it it's really good

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  • Kaç yıl oldu hala bekliyoruz

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  • Me watching the trailer: 😁 why am i not scared? Im gonna watch it today

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  • Based on a true story.........

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  • Y’all it’s a really good movie, but PLEASE don’t go in expecting it to be as scary as the first two Conjuring movies, you’ll be disappointed

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